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We have completed 30 glorious years of Self-Regulation in Advertising. ASCI is committed to the cause of Self-Regulation in Advertising, ensuring the protection of the interests of consumers. ASCI is constantly updating itself. Besides the Code for Self Regulation in Advertising, it has also Guidelines on the Advertising of Food & Beverages ; Guidelines on Ads for Automotive Vehicles, Guidelines for the Educational Sector & Guidelines for Supers and Disclaimers. In a bid to further the process of reducing advertisement making misleading or false claims, ASCI has introduced a National Advertising Monitoring Service (NAMS).

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Any Advertiser category ASCI member can lodge a complaint against an advertisement of another Advertiser Category member under the Fast Track procedure. The whole process of receiving the complaint to the decision of the FTCC is expected to take no more than seven working days.


ASCI publishes the decisions of the Consumer Complaints Council on a regular basis. All members are emailed copies of the decisions. In this way you will come to know how the ASCI Code is actually interpreted and implemented.

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We have an Online Complaint & Monitoring Service (OCMS). Each Industry Member is given a confidential login where he can register complaints as well view complaints made against his Organization.


One added advantage of becoming an ASCI Member is that you can avail of ASCI’s free Advertising Advice to members. Advertising Advice concerns specific advertising proposals. The main purpose of ASCI’s Advertising Advice service is to prevent problems before they happen. Opinion is sought whether the Ad is likely to contravene the Code.


And the most important benefit for becoming its member is that by self-regulating advertising content, ASCI keeps away from Government regulations on Advertising content. Because IF WE DON’T REGULATE...SOMEONE ELSE WILL.


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